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VolunteerNow is the online resource for volunteering opportunities in New Zealand and is provided as an initiative of Volunteering New Zealand (VNZ), an association of volunteer centres and national and other organisations with a commitment to volunteering.

VNZ's mission is to create an environment that supports, values and encourages effective volunteering by the people of Aotearoa/New Zealand.

Three guiding principles of VNZ:

  • Lead the initiatives and development of new opportunities which will strengthen supporting infrastructure and quality of volunteering
  • Promote the importance of volunteering and its role in achieving active citizenship
  • Represent the volunteering sector and ensure their interests and needs had been heard by policy makers and legislators

VNZ is not a recruitment agency in the same way Volunteer Centres are.

Placing Positions on VolunteerNow

Only regional Volunteer Centre have access to list volunteer positions on this site.

All positions listed by volunteer centres adhere to the Codes of Practice once listed.

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